Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cycle 1 Sign-ups

Welcome everyone to The Greatest Graphic Designer. This first cycle will be very, very amusing! To get things started we need designers of course! I will choose 9-13 designers this cycle. That all depends on the amount of people I get wanting to join! We also need judges! How will the designers grow with just one opinion? I am thinking any where from 3-5 judges this cycle! And last but not least, the prizes! As a non-superstar and probably in the future as well, I cant offer any prizes that are super cool. I can however offer these prizes:

The winner, on my behalf, shall receive;

- A spot as Co-Judge for Cycle 2 and maybe a possible judge for other cycles!
- You will get to give this blog a makeover and do anything you want to it. You can choose the theme color as well!
- A writer for The Scene on Stardoll
- The very first title of The Next Greatest Graphic Designer
- An interview on The Scene on Stardoll

 The runner-up, on my behalf, shall receive;

-A free spot on Cycle 2
- A spot as a guest writer for The Scene on Stardoll for 1-5 months
- An interview on The Scene on Stardoll
- The first ever title of The Greatest Graphic Designer Runner-Up

Now onto the sign-ups:

Good luck!


Why do you want to be a judge:

Prize Sponsor
`If applicable 

So, as I have said I need a sponsor to help congratulate the winner, and the runner-up of the cycle.
What I want:
- Money award
- Interviews
- Rares, and collectors
- Features on blogs and magazines
- Guest positions
- Free graphics

*What you want to sponsor:
`Project name:

Thank you so much guys!

*Please share this blog with others, and tell them about this contest!*

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A New Competition?

Hey! So I am MissFoxyRoxy913, or Roxy, or Roxanne, or what ever you would like to call me! I have created a new graphic contest. The Greatest Graphic Designer! No, I don't make graphics, but I do know a lot about them. I also know that I love the creativity that goes on in them as well!

There Will be 3 stages to each season!
Stage 1: The Auditions - I will release a form out where YOU fill it out and send it in! I and the fellow judges shall review your portfolio and your entry and deem you fit, or reject you. In the end only 9-14 graphic designers will get in.

Stage 2: The Tasks + The Comebacks - The selected Designers shall go through many amazing tasks! Each task 1 or 2 shall be eliminated. If you are eliminated you shall receive a choice to comeback into this competition. You must do every task that is assigned if you want the chance to return! 1 model shall comeback. Once we reach the final 5, Things will get very challenging. You will be tested. During the course of the cycle the judges and I will be scoring you out of 10, if you are lucky enough to reach the final 3, or 2. The winner is determined by their average score! So you should really keep your game high throughout the whole cycle!

Stage 3: The Finale - Once we reach the final 2, or 3, the designers shall go through a 4 part finale! In the end the designer with the highest average score shall be The Greatest Graphic Designer!

So what are you waiting for! Go tell your friends!