Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cycle 1 Winner! + Cycle 2 Sign Ups

Welcome back to Cycle 1! Since the semi finale task has started only 1 contestant turned in their task. Unfortunately I have decided to end the cycle, since it has been almost 2 months. This contestant is the winner. 4 contestants are left, Kirsten, Beth, Skouri, and Nora. Skouri had to drop out due to traveling, and studying abroad. We wish him luck in his designing future. So, Kirsten, Beth, and Nora. Although two people did not turn in their task, those two will still be ranked. Lets get on to the places.

The Results

In 3rd place


In 2nd place


So that means The winner of Cycle 1 is...


Congratulations Kirsten! You deserved it! Every task you impressed and earned high marks!

If you want to sign up for Cycle 2, do so here! We will most likely start somewhere near spring or summer of 2016! As always See you next time! Thank you guys!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Designers That Dropped Out + The Semi-Finals

Welcome back to The Greatest Graphic Designer! after only 6 designers made it to task 3, 2 had to leave the competition. Gabrielle, and Amina, both did so good, I wish you luck in your future of graphic designing! This week I assigned you each a model and a cycle of America's Next Top Model. You had to recreate a photo you chose as best as you could!

Okay! Let's get on with the judging!

 The Judging

Kirsten: Lil_rocker_grl (cycle 12)

Roxanne: This is by far one of your best entries! I shared with you that my sister was so happy to see her as the model! she really looked forward to it. And I feel its amazing when people feel things when they look at a graphic! Your shading is near perfect, especially the neck,stomach,and hands.. i am beyond thrilled! Like i have said before, there is something that kind of bugs me about your hair technique! Literally, that's the only thing i don't like about the picture, but even then its amazing! My absolute favorite thing of this is the bikini, oh my goodness do I live for it! The shading on the cloth is just so real, and the jewels are fantastic! Overall I am really impressed!

Bianca: Your skin shading is on point as usual. The bikini top is so lovely. The necklace looks amazingly drawn. The bikini bottom needs work at the side. The hair is really off, it's easy to tell that you're not so good at drawing it.

Skouri: Kadet12 (cycle 17)

Roxanne: I really think you did a good job! The suit is really well drawn! I really dislike the way the face is set! You always blow me away with your skin though, and your hair! I feel in the matter of a couple months you went from ok designer, to an amazing graphic designer in this competition only. your other work amazes me! Good job! There really isn't anything else to say!

Bianca: The hair on this work is beautifully done. I really like your technique when it comes to shading clothes. However, the skin on the right hand is badly done. The cleavage area needs serious work. That necklace is slaying.

Beth: (cycle 13) 

Roxanne: Beth it seems every week you know how to impress me! I love it! I love the skin, I love the shoes, the skirt the top! They are very smooth! I really dislike the hair though! It is very harsh.There is literally only 1 layer of shading. Overall i think its a really nice graphic!

Bianca: Your hair technique seems to be improving! This looks very rushed to me. The nails are not drawn properly. The straw on the hand looks like a 'paint' job. The right leg is not out properly. The skin needs work cause it looks a bit weird and rough.

Nora: FunOpler (cycle 7)

Roxanne: Unfortunately, I find this really bad! The skin is very plastic, the face is also really awkward! I was actually hoping you would do this one! I mean, it seems as if you filtered the skin and the shirt alot! Overall its a very weak entry! I must say though the shoes are really good!

Bianca: Something about this graphic seems filtered to me. I love the pose you're in though. The hands are nicely drawn and so are the legs. I can't see much of the snakeskin top but the shading looks really good. The hair however looks badly drawn and overly filtered to look good. The sandals are really nice.

Onto the results!


This week! The best photo of the week goes to



Runner of for best photo is

Beth! (again, keep it up though!)

3. Skouri

There is no bottom 2 this week! We will go straight into the SEMI-FINALE!


Cycle 2 Banner

The final four! You guys worked so hard to get here! This cycle has taken a long time! but I am happy we got here! Next task, I must warn you will be a double elimination! So work the hardest you have ever worked!

This task you must create an official banner for the next cycle! The banner that wins will be the banner that is displayed all through cycle 2! Some cool information, Cycle 2 will be presented on ALLURE! I will give you a theme for the banner!


- The banner must say "The Greatest Graphic Designer Cycle 2"
- The banner must have ALLURE's Logo (
- The banner must star  your medoll, me (missfoxyroxy913) and Bianca (jodie55)
- The banner must have a white background!
- Your task must ONLY be about 1800 pixels wide, and anywhere from 500-1000 pixels tall!

Kirsten: you get to pick your own theme you want
Beth: Grunge
Skouri: Old Hollywood
Nora: Intergalactic



  Image result for grunge font
 Old Hollywood


There you go! Task is due: October 17 

XoXo Roxy

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Designer Who Didn't Improve + Task 3

Welcome back! Last week 10 designers battled it out in a hard first task. Take anything from YSL and make it your own. Kirsten and Beth tied with points, but Kirsten took home the gold, and won the first task! Nora, Gabriel, and Brandy were eliminated! Nora was brought back and She handed in her task 1!

Nora's first task.
It is really good!

This task I gave you all a dark theme. Cross Roads Demon, Dark Queen, and The Cult. All tasks had to be shot in a creepy dark Forrest setting! All of you turned in your task so be ready for a tough elimination! On to the judging! NOTE: The scoring has been taken off of the competition! NO CHALLENGES WILL BE ASSIGNED.

Please welcome our guest judge this week!

Maria is one of Dollywoods most talked about person today. She is an amazing graphic designer, and fashion designer! Lets not forget she is co-host of ALLURE, and yes, she knows what she wants, and what to talk about.

The Judging 

Cross Roads Demon

Roxanne: I really like this! I find the outfit to be a stunning addition. A very wise choice! I know you expressed your disliking of the task, as you were confused as to what you needed to do! I take full responsibility in that as I feel I was to vague in my task briefing. But, since you got a demon I feel the model should have a darker presence than just a simple make up pallet that you gave.  the pants are just amazing! It looks like leather! You made it very smooth and very realistic and I am loving it! The cape is my favorite piece in this photo. Perfectly shaded and perfectly high lighted! I do like the creepy forest road. Its vast and empty and gives me a sort of eerie feeling like I wanted! Overall you did very well!

Maria: I'm not a fan of the fact you mixed the clothes together. I mean the pants aren't the best pick for this cape . Also your theme was to pick a vampy model, which is not the case here. I would love to see a messy hair instead of this one . Talking about the technique , it's really nice.

 Roxanne: So, At first glance I like it a lot. After looking at it I feel it is weaker than your first task. I don't see crossroads demon. I see a hot woman walking around in the mist in central park. I do like whats going on with the hands though. Very mystical. The detail on the clothes is superb! Graphically this task is good! Overall its average. The hair is a little messy. The skin is good, you shaded very well, and realistically! I just don't have the feeling of like eeriness, or darkness in here. So that is what is pulling you down.

Maria: That's the best entry for this task. Like really, you followed the theme and everything is amazing, i love the shading on the skin and the clothes, i love how the model is running, i also love how the hair is messy . The make up is great as well . WOW


Roxanne:  This task is the strongest out of this group! The leather boots, the feathery dress, the hair, the setting. Its all very creepy, and yet very high fashion! The way you shade is very different from others! The background is spooky which i like! The one thing I must say is I am not a fan of the way you shaded and highlighted the hair. It looks like a mop, but i mean there is only one layer it looks like, so the detail doesn't stand out. Overall, it looks really good! Keep it up Nora!

Maria: I love how you tried to play with the shadows especially on the face. The hair looks good. The fur is making it more winter-ish which is a good thing. You really nailed it with those boots. i would prefer to see smokey eyeshadow though but all in all , it's a great entry. Well done !

The Cult

Roxanne: Overall, I think the idea you went for is super cool, and very ingenious, but again, the quality of this is very poor. You need to be a lot more neat. Everything is super sharp, and messy. I know you can do better, I really think you can, but you just are not showing it.

Maria: wow , the face is really scary and that's what we're really searching for. I know that the mirror is hiding the dress so i can't really judge the details of the dress, you could do the model naked though (the reflected one). The arm is weird . It seems really big compared to the body and fingers . But still, i like the scene here.


Roxanne: Beth, you definitely impressed. I feel you were one of the designers who really understood the task. All the demonic signs show and make a story of a ritual that had taken place. You were the only one who used the background as part of the scene, as interacting with it i mean. This is just so amazing! I find no flaws for me to critique. The model was a great choice. Very vampy! I AM LOVING the make-up, it is so awesome! You definitely blew me away!

Maria: that's actually a nice entry, I would prefer if you used the side face. It's not that hard to make since it's not a modeling contest. The shading on the coat is fabulous. I would change the lip color tho to something darker.
The Evil Queen

Roxanne: Skouri, What a huge step up from Task 1! I feel this is the strongest one. She looks really like laid back, but like what are you going to do? The leather and the crown is the stand out. I really love this! The back of the model, is bumpy, which kind of looks gross. So you should be aware of the smooth lines and selections. The face is amazing! Perfectly shaded! You have proven to be a force to watch out for! The background is very spooky. I like the treasure chest. IT makes a story, like she is guarding her precious treasure. Overall fantastic step up from you!

MariaThat's a good graphic. What i like is that you used a side face which is the trend actually, i also liked the headpiece, it's making the graphic more tragic. I would love to see a dark makeup instead . And if you got rid of the golden details it would be better.

Roxanne: I really like this! I love how you made it the like evil queen, holding a poison apple. It really is amusing! The graphic itself is amazing! The Dress is just fantastic. The depth you made is realistic, and the leather sleeves are just beyond impressive. I really think you chose a good model, she looked very evil, and mean. The red lip is just killer! Overall it is superb! Well done!

Maria:  thats a good one also i love the dramatic scene right here, love the crown. Not a big fan of the transparent part , but still it's a nice dress. The makeup is great and love how you're holding an apple. Great entry.

Unfortunately Bianca was unable to send in her marks, so elimination will be hard.


So many great entries. Only one impressed enough to earn best photo! That designer is...


Nice job! You had the most positively stable judging. So that's why you won this week!

Coming in a super close second. (I actually felt bad that they didn't win).


3. Nora
4. Kirsten
5. Amina

Bottom 2

Gabrielle, and Maelanie

Gabrielle, I know you are shocked that you are in the bottom, but only because of the really opposite marks. I liked it, but felt you the one who least fit the theme. But Maria felt it was the one who fit the most. Even though it was a good graphic, you had the most risky marks. Your task 1 was AMAZING, and graphically this one was too, but it just wasn't the strongest OVERALL.

Maelanie, Your here again, because you didn't really improve from task 1. You may have been one of the ones who really followed the task, and we made it clear you did, but I fear you wont make it farther than you are right now...

Unfortunately, Maelanie you are eliminated this week. Be happy because you impressed us this week, impressed me last week, but you just are the weakest graphically here. I am sorry. Good luck in the future.

Dani was also eliminated, she had to drop out as life got super busy. Good luck in the future!


America's Next Top Model

So, Before we get into the task, I held a little raffle to see which 6 models would be chosen. Lets take a look. these are RANDOMLY selected.

1. Lil_Rocker_grl (my sister wanted to enter her doll :P)
2. FunOpler
3. Mitkatsi
4. Fashion.By
5. Kadet12
6. Janettelow

Congratulations guys!

Now, This task as you saw, has to do with my FAVORITE show on earth. AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. I will be assigning you a model, and a link that has a certain cycles portfolio. Make sure to recreate the photo exactly as it is. This will help you practice with details. Onto the ASSIGNMENTS

Our task winner...
Skouri - Kadet12 CYCLE 18

Beth - Fashion.By Cycle 13

Nora - FunOpler Cycle 7

Kirsten - LilRockerGrl Cycle 12

Amina - Mitkatsi Cycle 9

Gabrielle - Janettelow Cycle 15

There you go! Congrats to the top 6! You need to work extra hard, and I think this is a very strong group!

Task 2 is due: Wednesday September 16

Good luck Girlies
XoXo Roxy

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Designer Who Didn't Convince + Task 2

      Welcome back to the Greatest Graphic Designer Cycle 1, Last time we had 9 people duke it out in a challenging task that boosted their creativity. They had to take a creation from any collection of Yves Saint Laurent, and remake it to their owns liking.  We introduced to you the 3 judges judges! Today we introduce a guest judge, Carmen Bynes!

As of right now, Carmen is one of Stardoll's hottest socialites, and graphic designers. so you might want her on your side this task, or her scores could possibly send you home! Here comments are in RED

      Now, We will get on to the judging, the scores, and the elimination. Unfortunately, Brandy, and Julia had to drop out. We now welcome Dani to the cycle!


The first designer up is
 Roxanne: Wow, this is the first task and you are impressing beyond level! The graphic itself is made pretty well! I love how you went with a very elegant look, and the zebra hat was a perfect edition! The only thing I don't like about this certain image is the hair, it looks very stringy. The fur could be a little more clean, because right now it looks like very thick dog hair or something. Other than that the clothes and the legs are just perfect! I give you a 8.4.

 Carmen: I love how you didn't go with the runway background! It stands out and like this and it's perfect. I love the outfit you've picked and I love what you did there! Top part of the graphic is perfect - fur risk you handled well, amazing top and the bow shading, gloves, hat... But something's bothering me around that hair, it needs a bit of practice and more work over there. The skirt could've been better. I don't like how it's shade is different than the top one and shading there totally needs some more work. Right knee - more work and less shadows. 9.0

  Bianca: I like the hat but I think your hair technique needs serious work. I really admire your technique on the top, it's really good, and clean. The fur however is not sitting well with me, it doesn't look properly done, the edges look too sharp and I think they should have blended nicely. The gloves are perfection. The skirt and shoes look rushed, I think you should have taken your time to perfect them. 6.0

 Roxanne: Wow, the first thought that came to me when seeing this. I love it. The model choice is very smart. Tania has a face that is striking, and the coat is just that! Excellent choice! I really love the coat, the shading and highlighting is done very well. Unfortunately you didn't really exceed in neatness. A lot of the shading in the graphic itself seems very sharp. But even so, it still looks really good. A problem I am having is whether or not the shoes match with each other, It almost looks as if one has a different print than the other. Overall, a very good start to the cycle! I give you an 8.8.

 Carmen: I love this! The leather coat caught my attention as soon as I've seen the graphic. I love everything about it! The color is so eye catching and when you notice the work and quality on the leather it's really worth it! Makeup is suiting perfectly, model choice is amazing, hairstyle - everything! Shading on the top of the right leg is bothering me honestly, but that's just a tiny little bit in this wonderful piece! So far the best! 9.8.

  Bianca: I am totally loving this. The technique on that leather jacket is so good, the color makes it really stand out. The legs look constructed properly but the shading on the right looks a little out of place. Tania looks perfect in this. 8.0


 Roxanne: Well, I really like this! Although I am confused, because I don't think you made it your own? It still looks like the original piece. The dress parts, and the breast area look almost as it is filtered! I do not know for sure though. The breasts, to me are a no no, I am not a fan of that style, but I must judge you on the task itself, So, overall its okay. The fur is superb, the face is good, but looks uneven for some reason. The hair, is to die for. Overall, I like it but I don't think you followed the task all the way.  I give you a 6.4. I do not think Carmen gave a fair score, there is still some graphic work in it.

 Carmen: I am so happy to see the nipples, to see the freedom of woman! Love the picture. Love the outfit. But the graphic - no. It's totally obvious that the picture is simply covered by filters and some poor shading work to hide it. This is not graphic work. This is not worth the title of this competition. This is a disaster. You should be ashamed for applying such a hideous cheat - people spend hours on graphics! 1.0

Bianca: Nipples! nice. I'm going to be very honest, this looks filtered to the max. It looks more like a painting than a graphic. From the neck to the fur looks really weird and filtered, the bottom half looks like a regular picture. The skin on your left hand looks great though. 2.5


 Roxanne: So this is by far my favorite entry as it is the first to not use a runway. Instead you took an ad campaign. You definitely are not the strongest designer here in terms of hair, but what you lack in hair, you make up for with the rest. The model is a great choice. You have such a clean and neat fluidity when is comes with shading and highlighting, the lines are perfect! I really am impressed with this! I really am. This feels very vintage, and I'm a fan of vintage. It is the colors. Overall I love it! The only thing you need to work on as of now is the hair. I give you a 9.4.

 Carmen: Wow! I love this one. Totally the best thing I've seen in this task. First of all, choosing this pose is amazing and I totally adore it! Shading everywhere is amazing, flats and the dress everything is looking so good! And that hair is like a cherry on the top of a cupcake! My favorite, 10.0

Bianca: Fantastic! The dress looks good, the skin shading is on point but the left hand looks too straight. Too straight in the sense that I don't think we hold our waist like that so the wrist should have been bent a little to show a sign of 'reality'. Your hair technique is so good but it needs a little work. Those flats are perfection. 8.5

 Roxanne: I really like this. It is super simple, like you could wear that down the street, and you would have all eye's on you. I wish you hadn't used your own medoll, and showcased someone else, but oh well. I love the shading on everything by the way. It is a really strong graphic. Very well made. Unfortunately it isn't as fun as everyone else's so it lacks in spunk. Overall, not a lot to fix, I just wish there was some sort of background. Overall, its one of the better ones skill wise, but overall the most boring. I give you an 8.5. Ok, so It has been confirmed that none of these items in this shot, is YSL. The whole task was to use YSL, and you didn't use any of it. So I must drop your score. You now have a 6.5. Next time please follow the task.

 Carmen: Okay, so the task is failed. No Saint Laurent here. No Yves, no Hedi. Nothing. I see nothing, and that ruins your whole work. Graphic itself looks well made with some of the small mistakes on some places but it looks nice. It would look nice if anything there was actually from Saint Laurent - you know, Jenner was wearing it too. 2.0

 Bianca Last I checked, the task specifically told you to wear YSL not Nelly. Don't fret. Your work is good, it's just not on theme. The hair looks good. The skin between the top and jeans looks really rough and plain. 3.5

 Roxanne: So, overall, I feel you had the best remix of the clothes, but I feel it isn't the best graphically. A lot of pointy and rough edges and shading. Your highlighting is on point, especially in the hair. So on to the hair, it pains me to say this but it is really bad, well the shape of it, but like I said the highlighting is really good. I do like bag a lot. It is really well drawn. Overall, the best remix, but you need to work on the shading a bit more, and work on neatness. I think you should study shading on real pictures, and notice how it isn't sharp, its vary organic, like circular and fluid. I give you a 6.7.

 CarmenThis is a hot mess. A total hot mess. Graphic looks completely messy and bad, rushed. Your shadow game is so harsh and uncomfortable, edges aren't straight... Outfit choice is decent but you could've gone with something so much better. Some classic vintage Saint Laurent or Hedi's latest couture comeback would have been better on so many ways. Except the graphic ways. I really hope to see you improve and succeed as a graphic designer until the end of this competition but this is totally not something worth ''The Greatest Graphic Designer'' title. 1.7

Bianca: Yikes! This is a mess and I mean this in the nicest way possible. I'm guessing you did the graphics for screamers. The dress looks rough and rushed, the bottom half looks really bad, the red on the bottom of the trousers looks like you used paint. You should have taken your time to graphic this properly. 1.5

 Roxanne: So, I really love this task! I love the quality of it, and I love the way you shaded and highlighted the dress Maria is wearing. I love how you made it an ad, and not a runaway like 95% of everyone here. So EXTRA for the originality! The only thing I really don't like here is the model choice. Maria, as much as I love her and her face, just doesn't go with the outfit, in my eyes. Isabella's outfit is PERFECT. But her head seems off, and the hair seems almost as if it might be falling off! I love how you added YSL onto here! PERFECT. I give you a 9.4

Carmen: I like that! I love how it's not runway pose or something like that. I love the pieces you've chosen and I totally love the quality of this work. Anyway, Isabella's head is totally off for me. It's almost supernatural, neck is missing and it looks super weird. While practicing during this competition, I believe you'll start making more details around hair but this is amazing and you've done a great first impression! Great job! 9.0

Bianca:  My favorite of the week. I love the quality of your work, I love the fact that you used not one but two models. You've really improved in your hair technique and I admire that. The only thing I can pick on is the fact Isabella is neck-less. Amazing work for your first task. You are definitely the one to watch. 9.5

Now for the CHALLENGE. 

You were to create a DIY outfit, or dress out of anything other than clothes. Who ever did it will get an extra score boost of 1-5 points. The Challenge winner will get a score boost of 1-10 points. ONLY if we had more than 2 entries. This Task we had  entries.


So this is really good! I love the detail, I love the whole outfit, and the dress shape. Unfortunately, you were supposed to make a DIY dress out of anything but clothes on stardoll itself. So I will give you a 3, since it looks so good! 

So, that concludes the judging. We will now move on to the RESULTS. 


We started this cycle off with 9 contestants. Brandy Julia and Nora, had to drop out due to personal reasons. No hate to them, I wish them luck in the future. 7 of you amazing and talented contestants handed in some of the most amazing graphics I have seen, and some didn't impress so much. Who gets best photo this week? Who will fall behind?

Best Photo is...

There was actually a tie between Kirsten and Beth with a total score of... 27.9
Only one gets to win, and it is up to the feedback... Best Photo goes to!

Kirsten - 27.9

2. Beth - 27.9

3. Argana - 26.6

4. Gabrielle - 23.4

5. Skouri - 12.9

Bottom 2

Dani, and Mealanie 

Dani, You were the wildcard in this cycle, so for you to be in the bottom 2 in very scary. It isn't because your graphic was week, if it had been a task to create an outfit it would have been taken better by the judges, but the reason you are here is because you failed to follow the task correctly. The task asked you to take any YSL or Saint Laurent piece, and make it your own. Your graphic didn't feature a single item from any of the choices. 

Mealanie, I think you know why you are here, as you read from the judging, this was not the best graphic. It was very weak next to the other entries. I on the other hand liked the design of the clothes, while the other 2 judges weren't convinced. That is why you had such low scores.

Who stays in this competition? Will it be the designer you doesn't follow the rules, or the designer who couldn't convince?

Both of you stay, 3 people were disqualified. You two were given another chance, don't end up here next task.


Now that we got that ugly situation out of our hands, lets take a look at what you 7 will be doing this time! 

A Creepy Forrest

This time around you 7 must go into the Dark Forrest were you will be creating a very eerie and dark graphic. They must be wearing black leather, and feathers, keep in mind I want dark colors. Don't be afraid to go ALL OUT. I want to see emo/goth/cult/crosses/ etc. I want it to be very dark and eerie. I will also be giving an assigned theme. there are three themes randomly drawn for you! Cross Roads Demon, cult, and The Evil Queen. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MEDOLLS.

Kirsten: You got Cross Roads demon theme. Find a creepy road in the middle of a Dark Forrest, find some vampy looking model, make it look freaky!

Beth: You got Cult theme. Find some crazy model, find a creepy ritual in the Dark  Forrest! Scare me!

Argana: You got The Evil Queen. An elegant beauty should go nice with some darkness.

Skouri: You got The Evil Queen. An elegant beauty should go nice with some darkness.

Gabrielle: You got Cross Roads demon theme. Find a creepy road in the middle of a Dark Forrest, find some vampy looking model, make it look freaky!

Mealanie:  You got Cult theme. Find some crazy model, find a creepy ritual in the Dark  Forrest! Scare me!

Dani:  You got Cross Roads demon theme. Find a creepy road in the middle of a Dark Forrest, find some vampy looking model, make it look freaky!

STUCK? Here are some inspirations!

So, I hope you have an idea of what to do! If you have any questions contact me from Facebook, you are all my friends on there, or VIA dollmail MissFoxyRoxy913.

The Challenge: Take the same model, and same background and make a jewelry ad campaign with your OWN custom jewelry.

Task 2 is due: Wednesday August 26, 2015

Good Luck 

XoXo Roxy