Monday, December 15, 2014

Unfortunate News

Hey guys, Unfortunately since task 2 was announced Nora and Rozalia had to drop out due to school studies. That means only one person is left. I cannot declare her the winner though as I wasn't even ready to crown one. So sadly cycle 1 has been canceled. I will be trying my hardest to get it back up and running. Isabella my apologies!

So without further ado, here is what Isabella would have been judged on!


Once again I apologize for this unfortunate news, but I do not have any bad thoughts or feeling to the amazing people who took interest in my idea and signed up!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Task 1 Judging and Results + Task 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to the results of task 1! Your very first judging! I would love to have you meet your other judge that will gladly be scoring and critiquing you along with me!

Yes, the model you used for your first task! Mia is an up and coming model who models for Faze Magazine, and our very own Jack's X Magazine! Plus Mia owns her own modelling competition Model-Fever, the top scenery modeling competition, and is an up and coming graphic designer! She is very smart, and knows what she is doing, and will call you our for even the slightest mistake!

For task 1 you had to do a very different graphic, that a lot of you may not have been super comfortable with! Never the less you guys produced some stellar shots holding or showing off any Gucci bag designed!

Now lets get onto the judging and scoring!


First up is....
MissFoxyRoxy913: First off, I really like this! Your dress is very very well made! The shading is spot on, and your make-up is very very cool. The skin, even though there isn't a lot, is very realistic, and is perfectly shaded! I am not too keen on the hair, and the bag placement though. I really feel like the hair could have been a little more shaded, but that is just me, and I wish you would have been having the model holding the bag because my eyes don't go straight to the bag, but the dress. The background is very well done, and has a undeniably cool feeling to it. Overall you did a superb job, and impressed me well this first task!
Quality: 10/10
Theme: 8/10
Style: 9/10
Effort: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
TOTAL : 46/50

Justicelover94: Before we get into detail, I just want to rave about how much I am in love with this graphic. You capture the theme of the task perfectly, and I absolutely love the color scheme you decided to go with. The pinks and oranges are definitely more unexpected for the space theme, and I absolutely love that you chose a more creative route. The dress is so couture and I love it… That and the fact that you have the pile of Gucci bags that are off to the side, but still very noticeable. Your shading techniques are lovely too, and I love the hair style you chose. Overall, this graphic is pretty fabulous in every aspect. The only critiques I have for you, is the shadowing for the Gucci bags, and even though I love your originality, I think you could have made this graphic a little more futuristic in one more way. Honestly though, this is one of my favorite graphics I’ve ever seen, and it is such an honor that you made a graphic using my doll – so thank you! Love, Mia ♥
Quality: 9/10
Theme: 8/10
Style: 10/10
Effort: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
TOTAL: 46/50 
-TOTAL SCORE: 92/100-

Next up is....

MissFoxyRoxy913: There's something about this that really gets me interested! I love the dress, the make-up, and the bag. But, the bag does not go with the dress in my opinion, also I don't see any Gucci logo anywhere. Luckily this is one of the best graphics I have seen from you, so I am impressed. The skin could have been done a bit better, and the hair as well. I love how the model is on the moon, and you tied up every single piece together! Overall, its a very good scene, and it just need a bit more work, and it could have been amazing!

Quality: 8/10
Theme: 9/10
Style: 8/10
Effort: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
TOTAL:  43/50

Justicelover94: You absolutely nailed the futuristic part to the task. My doll looks so alien-like, and I absolutely love it. I really appreciate, how you were a little more creative with my dolls physicality, changing my doll’s skin tone was a really great move. However, although you nailed the space part of this task, I don’t think you quite nailed the Gucci part. The other graphics, had at least one key element that showed the Gucci logo, and made you understand that the client was Gucci. If I were just to look at your scene, I would just see a high fashion advertisement-I wouldn't have known the brand. Though that is probably the only critique I have for this scene. I love how your technique's different, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with this galaxy dress. So overall, you did a fabulous job with this graphic, and thank you so much for making a graphic with my doll! Love, Mia ♥Quality: 9/10
Theme: 7/10
Style: 9/10 
Overall: 8/10
TOTAL: 43/50
-TOTAL SCORE: 86/100-

Next is......
MissFoxyRoxy913: First off, I must say, this seems a bit bland to me. There, to me, is nothing striking about this one particular shot. The dress is pretty good! I think its not shaded correctly though. It seems to look a bit like Play-Dough. I love the detail of the neck part of the dress. It seems festive, but very sleek. The Bag is really the main part here! I go directly to the bag. I do like how you made it a Gucci Ad! Very smart. The Background is very cool. It fits with the overall feel of this graphic. Overall, it needs to be a bit more fun it's a bit boring. But I think its a very good first task!
Quality: 7/10
Theme: 9/10
Style: 9/10
Effort: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
TOTAL: 41/50
Justicelover94: First off, thank you so much for making a graphic with my it is such an honor! As for the graphic goes, I am absolutely in love with the dress. The flowers at the top of the dress definitely add an other-worldly/futuristic feel. Plus, I love how the dress correlates with the background. I think your graphic definitely fits the task: The graphic is futuristic, and the Gucci bag is apparent and shown very well. The critiques I do have for your graphic in involving some of the technique. To me the mouth area of my doll looks a little weird. I apologize for not being able to tell exactly what it is, but something looks off. (I think my mouth looks a little too low under my nose?) Also, I think the shading of the bottom of the dress doesn't look very natural. Overall though, this graphic is beautiful: I love the blues, the styling choices you made, and the fact that this graphic looks like a high fashion add. Love, Mia ♥
Quality: 8/10
Theme: 9/10
Style: 10/10
Originality: 8/10
Overall: 9/10
TOTAL: 44/50
-TOTAL SCORE: 85/100-

Unfortunately that was all that was submitted! But, I do not have any problem with that! I guess this cycle will be much shorter than expected!


Best Photo goes to....

2. NORA!


Filip: Dropped out for personal reasons
Jack: Dropped out for personal reasons
Sara: Never got back to me, and failed to had in task


"Feathers and Feircness"

Okay, you are my final 3! No one shall be eliminated as there will be a two part Semi-Finale and a 3 part FINALE!

So for this task, I have been inspired by America's Next Top Model. They seem to like feathers, and birds. So I shall give you a photo shoot that had something to do with feathers or birds. But I want it fierce. You can choose your own doll. There must be two models in the scene together. For help go here here

Rozalia: Americas Next Top Model Cycle 21 Photo shoot 8 "No Glove, No Love"

Nora: America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 Photo shoot 9 "Exotic Birds"

Isabella: America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 "Fallen Angels" 

*Do NOT recreate any image, but take a lot of inspiration from it!

Due: Saturday December 13

XoXo Roxy

Friday, November 28, 2014

Task 1 Results Shall be Up Soon

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still waiting for a couple more entries and the results will be up in a matter of a week or two. Thank you for your patience!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cycle 1 Contestants + Some info + The First Task

Hello! Only 6 people have signed up, but I am impressed with all of their work! So I wanted all six of you! Unfortunately no one decided to donate prizes, so I shall be working my hardest to make sure you get some. So to start off the cycle, we welcome;

- Jack (exodus27)
- Filip (SoniaBellaStone)
- Rozalia (Rozalia214)
- Sara (soso-asooly)
- Isabella (Isabella8103)
- Nora (ExtravaganceSD)

I am very familiar with all of these amazing designers. I am also excited to what you guys can bring to the table. Now, to start off the cycle I shall introduce to you the first task.



This cycle will test just about everything you should have as a graphic designer. This task however will test you on your ability to produce a photo that has the feel of your client. If you are hired and you don't live up to what the sole theme is, then the client wont like it. So, in this case, your client is needy, and this client is Gucci, they want you to create a photo with 1 particular model. This model is Justicelover94. They also want you to have one of their bags from ANY collection as the main focus. And it must be in the outer space, and they don't want aliens. They DO however want it to be high fashion, and couture gowns.

Here are some images to help boost inspiration.

Ok, hope you love and nail this task! Good luck ladies. 

Your task is due: Monday November 24, 2014


*For Task submission please send each task to thanks!
*DO NOT post your tasks onto any social media, or blog before task results have been posted. THANKS

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hey guys! So we are still in the spot of getting more attention, and also more contenders! But as of now we have 2 new official media partners! The Stardoll Models, and The Scene on Stardoll


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cycle 1 Sign-ups

Welcome everyone to The Greatest Graphic Designer. This first cycle will be very, very amusing! To get things started we need designers of course! I will choose 9-13 designers this cycle. That all depends on the amount of people I get wanting to join! We also need judges! How will the designers grow with just one opinion? I am thinking any where from 3-5 judges this cycle! And last but not least, the prizes! As a non-superstar and probably in the future as well, I cant offer any prizes that are super cool. I can however offer these prizes:

The winner, on my behalf, shall receive;

- A spot as Co-Judge for Cycle 2 and maybe a possible judge for other cycles!
- You will get to give this blog a makeover and do anything you want to it. You can choose the theme color as well!
- A writer for The Scene on Stardoll
- The very first title of The Next Greatest Graphic Designer
- An interview on The Scene on Stardoll

 The runner-up, on my behalf, shall receive;

-A free spot on Cycle 2
- A spot as a guest writer for The Scene on Stardoll for 1-5 months
- An interview on The Scene on Stardoll
- The first ever title of The Greatest Graphic Designer Runner-Up

Now onto the sign-ups:

Good luck!


Why do you want to be a judge:

Prize Sponsor
`If applicable 

So, as I have said I need a sponsor to help congratulate the winner, and the runner-up of the cycle.
What I want:
- Money award
- Interviews
- Rares, and collectors
- Features on blogs and magazines
- Guest positions
- Free graphics

*What you want to sponsor:
`Project name:

Thank you so much guys!

*Please share this blog with others, and tell them about this contest!*

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A New Competition?

Hey! So I am MissFoxyRoxy913, or Roxy, or Roxanne, or what ever you would like to call me! I have created a new graphic contest. The Greatest Graphic Designer! No, I don't make graphics, but I do know a lot about them. I also know that I love the creativity that goes on in them as well!

There Will be 3 stages to each season!
Stage 1: The Auditions - I will release a form out where YOU fill it out and send it in! I and the fellow judges shall review your portfolio and your entry and deem you fit, or reject you. In the end only 9-14 graphic designers will get in.

Stage 2: The Tasks + The Comebacks - The selected Designers shall go through many amazing tasks! Each task 1 or 2 shall be eliminated. If you are eliminated you shall receive a choice to comeback into this competition. You must do every task that is assigned if you want the chance to return! 1 model shall comeback. Once we reach the final 5, Things will get very challenging. You will be tested. During the course of the cycle the judges and I will be scoring you out of 10, if you are lucky enough to reach the final 3, or 2. The winner is determined by their average score! So you should really keep your game high throughout the whole cycle!

Stage 3: The Finale - Once we reach the final 2, or 3, the designers shall go through a 4 part finale! In the end the designer with the highest average score shall be The Greatest Graphic Designer!

So what are you waiting for! Go tell your friends!