Cycle 1

Cycle 1 begin when auditions were posted on July 28, 2015, and continued when the top 9 were chosen. 

Task 1: Yves Saint Laurent or Bust
The top 10 were thrown into a challenge at the beginning. For Task 1 I wanted them to create a masterpiece from any Yves Saint Laurent but give it their own twist. I wanted to see classics, or anything new from this AMAZING fashion brand. Kirsten and Beth receive anomalous praise from all three judges. Dani was found out to not feature anything from YSL or Saint Laurent and was chastised for it. Skouri was confronted about only filtering a photo instead of making a graphic. Mealanie was told to work alot harder on her graphics. Nora, Gabriel, and Brandy dropped out. Kirsten received the first best photo of the cycle! Mealanie, and Dani landed in the bottom 2. Mealanie for her poor work on task 1, and Dani for not following the task. In the end both were saved.

Best Photo: Kirsten
Bottom 2: Dani, and Mealanie
Eliminated: Nora, Gabriel, and Brandy

Special Guests: Carmen Bynes

Task 2: A Creepy Forrest
The 8 remaining designer were challenged to a hard task that left some confused. Three themes were given, Cross Roads Demon, Evil Queen, Cult, and the designers had to work hard to portray those themes as best as they can. Not to mention they shot the models in a creepy dark Forrest. Beth, and Skouri received really good feedback. Skouri ended up winning best photo. Amina, and Nora received pretty good feedback, and Kirsten received more negative feedback than positive. Maelanie, and Gabrielle land in the bottom 2. Maelanie for not improving, and for the fear that she couldn't go farther, and Gabrielle for really mixed feedback from the judges. Maelanie was sent home. Dani is announced to have quit the cycle.

Best Photo: Skouri
Bottom 2: Maelanie, and Gabrielle
Eliminated: Maelanie, and Dani

Special Guests: Maria Alvir

Task 3: America's Next Top Model
The final 6 were challenged to recreate a photo shoot of their choice from a cycle of America's Next Top Model, assigned to them, to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately do to some circumstances, Gabrielle, and Amina had to drop out! 4 Stardoll models were showcased, lil_rocker_grl, funopler,, and kadet12. Kirsten received positive praise all around, Beth and Skouri received mixed reaction, and Nora was given the most negative feedback. Kirsten received the best photo, and there was no bottom 2 this week.

Best Photo: Kirsten
Bottom 2: NONE
Eliminated: Gabrielle, and Amina

Special Guests: Lil_rocker_grl, Kadet13, FunOpler, and Fashion.By

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