Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Top 9 + Task 1

Hello, Welcome to the RESTART of Cycle 1 of The Greatest Graphic Designer. We started sign up in March, and now finally 11 applications later in July, sadly, we start! We have 9 finalists who will move on to compete in 7 challenging tasks! Before we reveal the top 9 we must introduce the Judges! there are 3 this cycle!

The Judges

 Head Judge- Roxanne Gonzalez
I am the creator of this competition and a model on Stardoll. I am also an amateur graphic designer, but I know what I want, and what I am talking about. I am kind of harsh, and will say what is needed, so don't hate me, it is for the good.


Judge - Gemma Mikel
Gemma is a GRAPHIC POWER HOUSE. She has been in the game for years now, and is definitely the judge to impress. She knows her stuff.

Judge - Bianca Delevinge
Bianca is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs in the Stardoll scene. As owner and creator of ALLURE, she knows a lot about fashion, and will call out things that are necessary for you to grow in your graphics career. 

The Judging Process

- Each task we shall evaluate every contestant and score them from 1.0 to 10.0, 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best. Decimals are allowed etc.. 5.7, 5.5, 5.4.

- If any contestant hands in a challenge task (which is not necessary but will boost your total score) I will score you on a scale of 1.0-5.0 as "extra credit points"

-  The maximum amount of points one can get is 35 points. If there is an extra guest judge the maximum amount of points goes up to 45. Who ever has the lowest amount at the end of judging is eliminated.

- BUT, if you are eliminated I shall give you a chance to comeback, you will still compete in the contest, but will not be scored publicly, and we shall secretly score you on the 1-10 scale basis, but you will NOT know your scores until the comeback moment arrives!


The Top (9)

I have chosen 9 contestants who will battle it out for 7 tasks. These are the top 9 designers! In a particular order so you know where you stand as of now!

1. Kirsten (Sparklewand12)
2. Beth (pavlovagurl) 
3. Gabriel (JuliaChang-Diva)
4. Nora (ExtravaganceSD)
5. Argana (Missflora9)
6. Skouri (The-kemoue)
7. Gabrielle (evinha5439)
8. Maelanie (SandyHermosa)
9. Brandy (Shakira8000)

There you have it! Please be sure to congratulate them! They have made it!

Task 1 "Yves Saint Laurent OR Bust"

For Task 1 I want you to create a masterpiece from any Yves Saint Laurent but give it your own twist. I want to see classics, or anything new from this AMAZING fashion brand. I want to urge you not to use your own medoll as this is not a modeling contest. I want this to help aspiring or even stardoll super models get the break they need, so choose from any doll in this Stardoll community you feel fits with the piece of art you create! You may use a runway shot, or even just an ad you find that strikes you as interesting!

CHALLENGE: Submit a photo of  a DIY dress made from anything but clothes. You may use a mannequin, or your own medoll as the model. Please submit that with your tasks! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS! KEEP IN MIND IT IS EXTRA POINTS!

TASK 1 AND THE CHALLENGE (if you want) ARE DUE: Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


*To send in your entries please send me an Imgur (as it is easier to work with) VIA Stardoll, Facebook, or email (missfoxyroxy913@gmail.com)

*Do NOT post any entry onto any social media platform, or graphic blog, before results are announced!

*If you need an extension, I will give you up to 3 more days as task periods are already very long.