Friday, November 28, 2014

Task 1 Results Shall be Up Soon

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still waiting for a couple more entries and the results will be up in a matter of a week or two. Thank you for your patience!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cycle 1 Contestants + Some info + The First Task

Hello! Only 6 people have signed up, but I am impressed with all of their work! So I wanted all six of you! Unfortunately no one decided to donate prizes, so I shall be working my hardest to make sure you get some. So to start off the cycle, we welcome;

- Jack (exodus27)
- Filip (SoniaBellaStone)
- Rozalia (Rozalia214)
- Sara (soso-asooly)
- Isabella (Isabella8103)
- Nora (ExtravaganceSD)

I am very familiar with all of these amazing designers. I am also excited to what you guys can bring to the table. Now, to start off the cycle I shall introduce to you the first task.



This cycle will test just about everything you should have as a graphic designer. This task however will test you on your ability to produce a photo that has the feel of your client. If you are hired and you don't live up to what the sole theme is, then the client wont like it. So, in this case, your client is needy, and this client is Gucci, they want you to create a photo with 1 particular model. This model is Justicelover94. They also want you to have one of their bags from ANY collection as the main focus. And it must be in the outer space, and they don't want aliens. They DO however want it to be high fashion, and couture gowns.

Here are some images to help boost inspiration.

Ok, hope you love and nail this task! Good luck ladies. 

Your task is due: Monday November 24, 2014


*For Task submission please send each task to thanks!
*DO NOT post your tasks onto any social media, or blog before task results have been posted. THANKS