Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cycle 1 Winner! + Cycle 2 Sign Ups

Welcome back to Cycle 1! Since the semi finale task has started only 1 contestant turned in their task. Unfortunately I have decided to end the cycle, since it has been almost 2 months. This contestant is the winner. 4 contestants are left, Kirsten, Beth, Skouri, and Nora. Skouri had to drop out due to traveling, and studying abroad. We wish him luck in his designing future. So, Kirsten, Beth, and Nora. Although two people did not turn in their task, those two will still be ranked. Lets get on to the places.

The Results

In 3rd place


In 2nd place


So that means The winner of Cycle 1 is...


Congratulations Kirsten! You deserved it! Every task you impressed and earned high marks!

If you want to sign up for Cycle 2, do so here! We will most likely start somewhere near spring or summer of 2016! As always See you next time! Thank you guys!